About Kusk

Kusk-gateway: open API-first kubernetes API gateway

Kusk Gateway enables you to design and configure your APIs from single OpenAPI manifest and you can:

Rapidly prototype your APIs by mocking your API responses, allowing your teams to instantly start building on top of your APIs without your services being implemented.

  • Protect your endpoints with automatic request and response validations.
  • Configure critical policies like request timeouts and CORs with no coding required.
  • Centrally control your APIs from an Open Source dashboard.

Kusk Gateway is for you if:

  • You or your team develop REST APIs running in Kubernetes.
  • You embrace a contract-first approach to developing your APIs using OpenAPI or Swagger.
  • You want to ramp-up time when deploying a new REST api to a cluster and you don't want to spend lots of time configuring ingress controllers that require a dedicated Ops Engineer.
  • You want your REST API endpoints traffic to be observable and controllable with the easy to use settings.

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